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Real Estate Marketing

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Professional real estate marketing precisely in the right target group

Real Estate Marketing 4.0 - We present your real estate projects on perfectly positioned online and social media channels! Benefit from our years of expertise!

Intelligent Tourism Marketing

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Intelligent tourism marketing on over 80 target group online channels

New markets open up online channels in over 80 tourist target groups. No booking commissions! Benefit from 27 years of experience!

Real Estate Marketing

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Personalized and assisted Cyprus immigration service

Immigrate quickly and safely - we will personally assist you with your immigration to Cyprus. We guide you through all authorities!

Real Estate Marketing

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Company formation in Cyprus - legally secure and fast!

With our experts you can establish your limited company or holding company quickly and in a legally secure manner!

Unite Markets

Marketing 4.0 – Obiquitous & trend-setting

We offer innovative marketing approaches to the topics of real estate and tourism through our own online marketplaces, which appeal to different online target groups in a very differentiated manner. These marketplaces each use several target group online portals which also promote each other.

These are advertised with very high-quality native domain names, which gives us unique clout in organic searches in the most relevant search engines. Since tourism and real estate can be combined very well, vacationers become buyers or vice versa.

Get to know us and benefit from our unique portfolio!


Your agency for professional tourism marketing and real estate marketing.

Real estate and tourism are our passion. We network markets and position innovative companies that want to expand their market presence in the real estate sector and the tourism market with a multi-channeling strategy.

Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing

26 years of experience in tourism marketing bring new insights and opportunities! Benefit from our expertise and our IQ TOURISM MARKETPLACE! Acquire new guests with us or revise your business concept with us.

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

We bring emotions to the Cypriot real estate world through personally moderated videos showing the individual benefits of each property and emphasizing the details, that make dream houses unique. This connection between emotions and information lead to a sustainable decision.

Business Portals

Business Portals

We successfully market products from private and business customers via our special business portals and industry portals.

Immigration & company foundation in Cyprus

Through our headquarters in Cyprus, we would also like to give other entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain a foothold in an extremely up-and-coming business location. Based on our own experience, we have decided to offer an attractive service portfolio to make your move to Cyprus easier. We offer tailor-made services from all immigration procedures to setting up a company.

With our German and English speaking team, we will support you as an individual in all matters during your immigration to Cyprus, be it the immigration process, setting up a company or finding the perfect property to live in or as an investment and capital investment.

Your partner for emigrating to Cyprus

While we are always available to you as German-speaking contacts, in most matters we work with well-connected Cypriot partners to achieve the best for your specific needs. We are convinced that this way you can get the best of both worlds: simple communication combined with professional and efficient processing.

Company Formation

Company Formation

Time is money. With us you can set up your new Cyprus Limited in no time. We'll also connect you to the best tax advisors and accountants on the island.

Real Estate Device

Real Estate Device

Are you looking for a suitable property and value German or Austrian standards and would you like to purchase a quality villa or house?

Immigration Services

Immigration Services

Moving to a new country is not always easy. With our help, you can get started quickly and easily. We take care of a fast immigration to Cyprus!

Legal Advice

Legal Advice

The laws in Cyprus are subject to EU regulations and are still very specific! We will advise you with our specialists.

Our office in Paphos

As a company, we have been very thoughtful about our choice of location for our operations, and we ultimately decided on the vibrant city of Paphos in Cyprus. Paphos is a city that is rapidly developing and expanding, making it an ideal location for us to be a part of the growth and progress. The city boasts a well-developed infrastructure that is continually being updated and expanded to meet the growing demands of its residents and businesses. It is an exciting time for entrepreneurs in Paphos, as more and more individuals are recognizing the potential for success that this location offers. We are confident that by choosing Paphos as our company’s hub of operations, we will be well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from being part of this thriving and dynamic community.

Paphos Office

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Information and news about immigration to Cyprus. Contributions on the subject of real estate marketing and tourism strategies.

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